Why now?

Let me start by saying that, this not just a regular blog. Well, probably everyone starts with this same phrase. A phrase that hopefully, you use to sell a unique identity, where each picture is different, each thought is unique and each photo, as they say, tells a story with a thousand word. Well, I can’t promise that. I am an amalgam of many things: old meets new, the most obvious, African meets Western world, carnivore meets veganism and lost meets found. I am not just one thing; I am not just Ghanaian or becoming Canadian. I am on a never-ending journey of discovery and knowledge and self-awareness to who I am, my loves and my passions. I am writing this blog not fill a hole or find some sort of fulfilment, but this may sound super cliché, but hopefully to find myself. I love food and pictures and the sun and so many things and will probably learn to love more, and hopefully I can find one tag that fits me, or not? But I am very–I mean finally ready to learn more and discover.

I promise my blog post are not going to sound as philosophical as this one. I just can’t put all my loves in neat little picture on Instagram and saturate people’s feed with food and DIYs and culture without fully diving into what all those means to me. A picture can tell a thousand words, but sometimes those thousand words need to be explained. So here goes…


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