What I ate in a Day

So when I finally decided to become vegan, I was like, “okay,so I have made the decision, so what now?” I was very new to the whole concept of a plant based diet; I tried being vegan for Lent but that went crashing down after the first week because I wasn’t eating enough or eating the right nutrients. So, I went to where anyone goes when they are trying to learn about something: Google. I stumbled upon some blogs but I still had so many questions. So I went to my next favourite addiction: YouTube. And behold, a galore of “What I ate in a Day” videos, from raw vegans, raw till 4, high carb low fat diets, junk food vegans and vegans without a label. I scoured through so many videos to get ideas and discover more about what I like to eat, and how to stay under a budget while still eating enough, and eating well. I started working on prepping meals, and making sure to cook enough for the week. I definitely learned a heap more than I ever knew about food. Now that I think I have a routine down, I thought I would share what I ate in a day. Obviously, everyone eats differently and not being a nutritionist I cannot give advice for everyone concerning the minerals they eat. But it is pretty safe to say that I eat a very nutritious plant based diet. I am not technically a high carb low fat vegan, but if you want to categorize what I eat, then I slightly fit in that category. I just have a slight addiction with peanut butter.

On a plant-based diet, even though I go to bed feeling full and well nourished, I get up hungry and ready to eat. I always have a large bottle of water next to me just to quench that morning thirst. I then just fill up this bottle for a cold drink before each meal. I probably go through about four of these bottles a day before each meal and a fair bit between meals.

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I also love to start my morning with a big cup of water, lemon juice, apple cider and maple syrup, and if I feel like I need an extra kick in the morning, I add cayenne pepper. I know this sounds weird, but I crave it sometimes when I get up.


After I clean up, I either make a huge cup of smoothie or a smoothie bowl if I am in the mood for something crunchy with my smoothie.


Smoothies are a staple for me and even though green may seem like a scary colour for some, I see it as a great cleaning colour. I generally make a large bowl, put frozen berries or some nuts in there and call it a morning.

This gives me a lot of energy for my morning workouts and I don’t feel dehydrated, nauseas or exhausted.


Right after my workout I generally have a piece of fruit if I am rushing from the gym to class and then make a VERY LARGE filling meal for lunch. With meal prep out of the way its just me dumping things into a large bowl and heating it in a microwave. For today I had a big serving of rice with some kale, tomatoes from my garden and the week’s sauce, which was a yummy basil and walnut pesto (recipe soon to come)


I had about two servings of my bowl and then snacked on a rice cake with peanut butter for a sweet end to my day.


I tend to snack during the afternoon if I feel a little drained from all my class work and since a ton of tropical fruits are in season, I just grab a fruit.Today it was some yummy mangoes that my sister cut up.

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I ended the day with a nice hearty soup I made yesterday. I basically put the left over potatoes, broccoli and chickpeas I had lying around and it was to die for. I generally go through about 3/4 of a large jar–about the size of the Ragu tomato sauce jar.


I had a Japanese sweet potato with it, a little bit of rice and some veggies. After a day like this, and all my meals, I always question why I never changed my eating habits for more plant based foods.

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I feel so full. I can eat a heap load of food, which I love, and I feel great afterward. I don’t need to worry about calorie counting, restricting my food–that will literally be the death of me because I love food–and I feel so happy. I definitely still have a lot to learn but this lifestyle is definitely here to stay.


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