Why isn’t everyone vegan?

So I have been trying to educate myself and have just gone through Netflix and the collection of helpful documentaries is enormous. Plus there are many more articles and books to read that are all validating our need to step away from the overly processed, pasteurized, animal based foods that we eat. And even with this knowledge circulating around, we still find a large population of North American battling with obesity related health issues. But let’s not forget about the complete other spectra of the size issue where people are not eating enough, restricting their food so that they can reduce their weight and still eat an animal based diet.

The answer is literally in front of our face but it’s so interesting how we are not living by our own words.There is a difference between hearing and actually following through. Like even with a video, you are still behind a screen and you see it once and that is it, but that can change when there is evidence from many aspects from ethics to science and religion. I can literally sit here and complete a five part novel detailing the terrible effects of the processed foods we are eating and how it is completely changing our view on body image. But I bet you, someone can read it and still not change their mind. But why can’t we change? Are we too far gone, and addicted to animals? And the funny thing is that the same thing that is killing us–food–especially our unhealthy relationship with food either eating processed or not eating enough, is the same thing that can heal us.

So in addition to creating meals, I thought it would be a good idea to document all that I am learning and post it so that people may have a better idea of the real benefits of going on a plant based diet, not just using the emotional reason of not killing animals but backing up this idea with scientific studies that validate this lifestyle as one that is healthy to us. When it comes to putting something in your mouth, you need to learn more about this.

And before someone comments on how my views may have changed from my previous post of Food Philosophy, I will just like to say that I am still learning and my thoughts and justification for being a vegan is the same but I am learning more and more about the science of a plant based diet, not just the processing of meat and its ethical implications.

Please leave comments below on subjects that I could touch on and I will be sure to look into it.



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