King of Greens: Spinach

Whenever we talk about greens we cannot help but talk about the King of all greens–Spinach. I don’t think I remember a day I went without spinach. I try as much as possible to sneak it into my day somehow, either through my divine green smoothies or my delicious salads. Thank goodness for Costco because with my apetite for spinach, I would have had to get myself a large greenhouse just for growing spinach–that is how obsessed I am with this leafy green. I use it every week, in all my meal preps and as a side leafy green in basically all my meals. I think it is safe to say that I am a spinach junkie.

Spinach is not as ancient as say quinoa but has been around for many centuries. There are no exact documentation of its precise origin but from my research it seems like a plant that first surfaced in present day Iran and made its way East then West.

Spinach like many other leafy greens is considered a superfood for very good reasons. Spinach is very very very low in calories so please please, if it is a main part of your meal, you need to have more than 3 cups loosely packed as that is only 21 calories

  • Spinach is a big big source of recommended Vitamin A. It is basically a leaf with Vitamin A, some Vitamin C, water and small percentages of other micronutrients. Vitamin A is very important eye and skin health.
  • As a leafy green it is packed with nutrients and being high in water it is very hydrating. But always remember that even with high-water content fibrous foods, you need to up your water intake so that your body can digest it well and not leave you gassy.
  • Spinach is a great source of iron and contains a large amount of folate, a B-vitamin that is also important in producing red-blood cells

So basically when we talk about superfoods, spinach is definitely a top dog and one that should be in everyone’s fridge. As a simple leaf it can be included into so many things, obviously green smoothies, which I love to make so check out my recipe on the simple Kiwi Apple Green Smoothie and more to come.

I love to add it to my salads as my base because I feel like it can stay fresh longer in my fridge than Romaine Lettuce.FullSizeRender 9More importantly I love love love adding spinach to my bowls, whether Burrito Bowl, a falafel bowl or an asian-inspired stir-fry. It also adds more volume to my pestos and green sauces. Basically there is spinach on my plate everyday. I don’t know about you but I cannot live without spinach. If you haven’t taken the time to appreciate this leafy green, you are definitely missing out on something great.

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