Snack Attack: Date Covered Almonds

How about a sweet treat for the weekend? I have been trying to figure out sweet snacks with my dates because I had been seeing videos of “daterade” and adding dates to banana nice cream or making purees out of dates, but I could never seem to get these recipes right. I was also craving something different and wanted to play around with these goey dates I have in bulk. So I tried to add onto the idea of making a date puree but changed up the recipe and made date covered almonds.

Yes date covered almonds, it sounds weird right? Actually quite opposite! Its sweet, crunchy and delicious. It’s so nice as a snack or a sweet addition to banana nice cream or oatmeal. These little treats are the result of just trying different things together and discovering more about what the ingredients I have can do. It’s absolutely amazing

I am probably sounding like a broken record but if you know me, I love using one thing for many things. Anything that is versatile has my name written on it. I love repurposing to save extras and left overs. These were chocolate and coconut covered but you can certainly take one or both out and keep it raw. If you have ideas for other coating definitely let me know.


Ingredients–A serving of 6 almonds

  • 3 dates–hydrated and pitted
  • 6 almonds
  • 1 tsp coconut sugar

Optional ingredients

  • 1 tbsp natural pure cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp shredded coconut
  • extra coconut sugar for dusting

Directions–Super simple

  1. In a bowl, cover the dates with hot water and let it sit covered for a few minutes                                                                                          IMG_2277
  2. When the dates are extra gooey, drain out 3/4 of the water and mash them together some more to make almost a paste. If you are bulk making this, toss the dates in a processor or blender and pulse till you get a thick paste. Make sure not to pulverize it till it is too runny or liquid.
  3. Add the tsp of coconut sugar and the chocolate powder into the paste for a different flavour. I will definitely look into more flavours but cinnamon or all-spice will work as well.
  4. Take about a grape size date paste and flatten it out, place an almond in the middle and then cover the almonds up      IMG_2280
  5. When done, roll the date in unsweeteneded shredded coconut and dust it with some coconut sugar if you want some extra sweetness.
  6. Cover and freeze to solidify the date paste and keep the mixture on the almonds.

Eat this as a snack, top it onto anything and enjoy as a sweet treat.  IMG_2287


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