Fully Loaded Potato

To start off the week I really wanted to share something that was simple, easy and affordable. I know a lot of people are coming up with New Year Resolutions to try and be healthy but, let’s be honest, by the second week of the year, they turn back to old ways and the resolution is put on hold till next year. So to make things a lot easier, I wanted to showcase cheap, quick and healthy vegan lunch ideas that are perfect as packed lunches for school and work and are full of nutritious ingredients.

These meals can also be made ahead in bulk and many of the ingredients are used in my other lunch recipes, so the grocery haul will be very minimal but very versatile.

This fully loaded potato is a definite go to for lunch and it is supper simple and quick to make. I had in mind a huge sandwich that did not make me feel guilty afterwards, so I tried to imitate a sub with a potato as a bun and and sneak in key vitamins. Potatoes as a complex starch are a very filling option for lunch and can keep you going right till dinner.



1 large sweet potato (Japanese, Hannah, Yam, Purple) or two small sweet potato, as many as will fill you.

1 medium roma tomato (or any type of tomato)

A handful of spinach

A small button mushroom (or portobello for a more earthy flavour)

Few slices of zucchini

My simple tomato sauce or any low-sodium tomato sauce

Ketchup, Sriracha and/or hummus are great optional sauce toppings


  1. I am a super lazy person and tend to cook my potatoes in the microwave, which is quick and simple to fix in the morning before class
    • Wash your potatoes, score them, wrap them in a wet paper towel and place in a microwave save bowl.
    • Microwave for 10-15 minutes depending on the size and width of the potato, bigger potatoes take more time
    • You can always bake a couple of potatoes ahead on Sunday and just assemble them on the day of before heading out
  2. When the potato is done, cut it into half, like a hotdog bun
  3. I like to spread my tomato sauce in the middle of the potato and sometime add in some hummus or ketchup
  4. After adding the tomato sauce, add in your veggies–mushroom, tomato, spinach, zucchini. You can add some grated carrot or switch the spinach to  another leafy green (I will not advice lettuce because it holds a lot of water and cannot be reheated if packed for a meal on the go)
  5. Drizzle with some hot sauce and accompany it with some veggies, a salad ( I like rice based salads because I tend to have a lot of rice leftover during the week).
  6. Pack up your quick lunch and enjoy.DSC_1076

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