Fries Fries Fries

This is going to be a simple recipe because simple is always better, and more of a technique post.

For optimal crispy potatoes, it will take a little bit of work but a good tray or trays of baked potatoes can be achieved without the additional step.                                                  IMG_2310

I started with a mixture of potatoes because I couldn’t make a decision. But my decision was to choose more solid potatoes, I find that orange sweet potatoes, in my opinion, need more time to make as crispy as they are softer and I am always lazy and a little too hungry.                                           DSC_0006 (2)

First wash the potatoes and remove any sprouts. Also make sure that you have a big bowl of water set aside so that you can immediately soak the potatoes to keep them from turning brown and actually remove extra starch so that they can be crispy when baked.  Make sure to cut them in as equal sizes as possible so that they can all cook evenly.

After cutting all the potatoes boil them for a few minutes. Parboiling is completely optional if you can spare the extra baking time. Boiling the potatoes actually reduces the bake time and can make your potatoes crispier. After 5-10 minutes on the stove, transfer each fry to baking pans, preferably flat baking pans/sheets, lined with PARCHMENT PAPER. This is important because with parchment paper, you don’t need oil and you can get very crispy fries. DSC_0009 (2)

Lay each fry individually and keep space between each fry so that each can individually cook.

When done, plate with some ketchup or sriracha and enjoy. Sometimes, I make these in bulk and then snack on them all week because knowing me, making meals out of fries will require kilos of potatoes.

DSC_0011 (2)

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