#RealTalk2: New Year’s Resolutions

I am going to be honest; I have given up on the whole idea of New Year’s Resolutions. Every year I see people making resolutions, I included, to get health, be more compassionate, lose weight, make more money, find love, become vegan, you name it, i have heard it all, and I know I am not alone. I have come to realize that if you want to make a change, why wait the next week or till the 1st of January to make that change. Set goal that can be started right at that instant and start making gains from there. I am glad I did not wait four weeks or 6 months to become vegan because I knew that if I wanted change I needed to start right at that moment.

Even with that said, I don’t think making New Year’s resolutions is a bad thing. It is always important to set goals and if feeling like January 1st is the best way to make that change then what is important is that you are making an effort towards a healthy lifestyle. For me I have set goals that I want to continue into the new year.

I want to be consistent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes, most importantly, sleep; prioritizing sleep for optimal health. It literally makes day and night changes when you sleep enough and I absolutely love how I feel with enough sleep. I want to be consistent on a HCLF vegan lifestyle because again I feel my best and most energetic. And with these benefit, I do not think I will sacrifice any of these for less sleep or more vegan junk food because the consequences are absolutely not worth it.

I want exemplify all the qualities I believe vegans should have. I want to be more respectful of the resources I use on this planet, not just removing animal products from my diet, but watching my waste and being sustainable. With that I will stop buying anything with animal products–meaning leather, wool, silk, because purchasing these items makes me feel like a hypocrite, supporting a whole food plant-based diet but still buying and wearing leather and animal products. Although, to be honest, animal rights was not the foremost reason I made a change to my diet, I believe it is an important and integral part of living as a vegan; as we must understand all the impacts that eating animal products may have. I will not be throwing away the current animal clothing items I own as I feel that it will also be a waste but I want to make sure that I am more conscious of what I am endorsing with my money.

Lastly, and most importantly, I have a story and I will like to share it with as many people as possible. My vegan journey will not have been possible without all the articles, blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram posts I have read of other vegans. With knowledge comes responsibility, a responsibility for me to pass on what I have learned to other who choose today make their first steps towards a vegan lifestyle. I will try my utmost hardest to keep the blog running every single week so that I can share what I am learning. I have a host on interesting topics to cover and can’t wait to share them with everyone.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, tips and advice or if you just want to say hi 🙂


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