#RealTalk3: College Students can’t afford veganism

So today, I decided to take a little trip to banana island for the next couple of days to give my stomach a break and only feed it a simple and easily digestible fruit, but I also wanted an excuse to eat bananas all day because banana’s are life!!

I walked into Costco thinking that I will be spending 30 dollars on a box of organic bananas and praying that some will be at least yellow so that I can try all my tips and tricks to ripen them for hopefully Tuesday. I got there 30 minutes before closing to a heaven of perfectly ripped and spotty bananas, which everyone was running away from because they thought it was “over-ripe.” I wish I had a vegan army to clear out all those bananas because I didn’t want to think about what would have happened to them 30 minutes later.
Anyway, coming in with 30$, I left with 20$ and a large box of ripped bananas. I literally just spent 10 dollars for 7 meals!! WHAT!!! This made me really appreciate and proud of the lifestyle I am living. Many people think that buying produce and sticking to a plant-based, predominately starch diet is expensive and unaffordable for a college student. Especially with the volume of food I eat, my housemates are shocked that I spend far less money than they do each month on my groceries.

The key to being a well fed vegan college student on a budget is to plan, bulk buy, and eat your veggies. If you stick to seasonal foods–fresh fruits and vegetables in the warmer months and starches (potatoes, grains, squashes) and frozen veggies in the winter, you will be golden. Basic fruits like apples and bananas are available all year round and other complex starches a very cheap, so you are set. Root vegetables and grains can last months in a dry place and bananas and apples can always be frozen. There have been weeks where I haven’t gone grocery shopping and clean out all my groceries before I make another trip to the grocery store.

Being a vegan has really helped my bank account at school. Therefore being a vegan is nota  curse on your bank account but a blessing.

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