Banana Island Food Adventure

I recently went on banana island for three days and it was honestly one of the most clearing experience for me. Not only did it help me refigure out what my body can handle and not handle; it certainly gave me the energy level I needed to increase my running mileage and push through some tough workout. I will outline all the benefits in another post but I just wanted to concentrate on the different meal options for this adventure

Many people shy away from monomeals because they feel that it will get boring after a few days and all they will be eating is that fruit. This is a big myth because on banana island or other fruit islands, you are allowed greens–so you can blend up some spinach or leafy greens with your smoothie, or have a salad and then finish it off or start it off with the fruit. Just with bananas the possibilities are endless, just the plane fruit, slicing it up into medallions with banana mylk, banana ice cream and smoothies are all fair game. The funny thing with all these options is that you will not get tired of the flavour of banana but rather feel like you are tasting different aspects of it with every meal.IMG_3715.jpg

For at least three meals, I kept it simple with some chopped up bananas and then one banana with some PB2 and water blended up, which was absolutely amazing, or sometimes I’ll just sprinkle it over some chopped up bananas.

I’ll also make thick banana smoothies and then cut up a fresh banana chunks into the smoothies to add different textures. I find that just drinking my meal removes a factor of actually enjoying the ingredients and I just like chewing my food, but smoothies are a nice break as it is easier on the stomach to digest.DSC_0007 (3)

You could snack on some bananas but you could take up the level with some banana milkshakes, or hot drinks. I bleneded up one banana, some cacao powder and some water into a thin mylk and it was absolutely divine. You could try warming the drink in the microwave for a nice warm chocolate drink. So delicious!! This though is not strictly within the banana island guidelines but it is a nice drink to try out if you have that last ripe banana lying around.DSC_0005 (1)

And the greatest part was that I was able to have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How awesome is that!!!! And the topping possibilities are endless Since I wanted to stay predominantly on bananas, I didn’t add anything crazy except for some more bananas.


The one thing I did cheat with banana island is with adding berries, but in my defence I had one more week before i had to go to school and those berries needed to be eaten because I absolutely hate wasting food. Next time, I will totally be skipping the extra berries and focusing on just bananas. I hope these give you some ideas for using bananas, and make your trip to the island more exciting.

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