If you would have asked me three months ago what my favourite was I would have probably told you that it was a cantaloupe. Well times have changed, my palette has changed, the season I am in has changed and the fruit I have available to me have changed. Also, going on banana island has definitely fortified my love for bananas.

So what not a better idea than to write add this to my staples.

Bananas come in different shapes and sizes; however although from the same plant family, they should not be confused with plantains, which are starchier, larger and need to be cooked before eaten. There are the yellow Cavendish bananas that we are very familiar with but there are also small Lady Finger bananas, which are my personal favourite when I am in Ghana, and then red bananas, which are sweeter.

DSC_0011 (6)

Bananas are an amazing fruit to have for vegans; they are one of the few fruits that have a higher caloric density per each fruit ranging around a 100 calories a piece. As many people already know, bananas contain a substantial amount of potassium, and are high in carbohydrates. But don’t fret, these carbs and sugars are good for you and when ripped are easily digested, making it a great pre-workout snack. They are high in vitamin B-6 which is important for immunity and bone strength and its high levels of the amino acid tryptophan can make you happier as it is important in the production of serotonin.

It is important that your bananas are spotty before you eat them. I cannot reiterate this enough. If they are not spotty, the taste chalky, they will be harder to digest and you will definitely not reap all the benefits the fruit provides.

Bananas are incredibly versatile: you can make smoothies, add it to your oatmeal, make icecream out of it, and make so many baked goods from it. The possibilities are endless. I mention all of that in my blog post on my banana island food adventure, which you should check out!



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