So I have been vegan for a little over six months now and it has been a tremendous learning experience. I felt like I say this every time but I am always in awe at the amount of things I learn about myself and the world around me. I have tried many new foods, learn to love different things and learned to appreciate what i feed myself. After six months of tasting, trying, adjusting my palette, adjusting my digestion and adjusting my mind, I feel like I have finally found a balance.

For the next four weeks and honestly, for the rest of my life as a vegan, I want to return back to the basics. I have loved the opportunity to try all the vegan junkfood and every substitution the vegan community has created, made many delicious and complicated recipes and indulged in one too many sweet, but my body is now craving simple foods that are nourishing, filling and packed with energy. So I am putting away the bananas, the chillis and the pancakes and eating more simple whole vegetables and complex starches. I find that this is the most satiating, the easiest on my tummy and just makes me feel better knowing that I am putting good things into my system. Obviously I will have some treats here and there but I want to develop consistency with how I eat.

I do hope to “cleanse” my palette, draw away from the sweets and taste and appreciate the simple flavours of fresh kale and lightly steamed broccoli or a warm sweet potato. I will be eating predominately starched based with lots of greens, veggies and whole grains. I will be sharing the many 3 ingredient salads I will be making, and my secrete to baking a perfect sweet potato.

Now that I have gotten that out there, I am starting with a good 8 hours of well deserved sleep.

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