Sushi 101

If you follow me on instagram, which you should, I have been posting some plates, more like platters of sushi and have been so excited to share my technique. I am in no way a sushi master and I am still learning everyday, so sushi aficionados please do not be harsh on me.

For all those college students who love sushi, and don’t want to spend 30$ on a decent size sushi meal or the after effects of food poisoning with all that unclean and mercury filled fish. This is perfect for you.


5 sushi nori Sheets

1 medium carrot peeled

1 handeful of spinach

1/2 large cucumber thinly sliced into sticks

1/4 avocado

1 full sweet potato steamed

1 cup of rice white rice

2.25 water to cook

1 tsp of soy sauce

sriracha for dressing

First, the most important thing is the rice. People always say you need a specific type of sushi rice–short grain, and gelatinous, but I don’t think you need to go out of your way to purchase any specific rice. Being a college student, ain’t nobody got time for that. I just use my regular long grain white rice but instead of cooking it for a dry consistency, I cook one cup dry rice with 2.25 cups of water or if brown rice I cook one cup dry with 2.5 cups water. This makes the rice sticky and pliable. After the rice is cooked, I add the soy sauce because I find that doing that already guarantees that the rice has a salty component and that I do not end up drowning my sushi in soy sauce. This is especially great in reducing the high sodium intake that sushi always leads to.

As the rice cools, I prep my vegetables. For thinly sliced carrots, I just use a potato peeler to wake carrot ribbons that are thin and long. I also finely slice my avocado into strips, and slice my cucumbers too. For the cucumbers make sure that the core has been removed so that you have dry slices.
DSC_0019 (2)I love adding sweet potatoes to my sushi because I love the added sweetness and rice with potatoes is literally another match made in heaven. I like to use the orange or purple sweet potatoes for added colour.

DSC_0024 (1)

I do not have a bamboo mat because I didn’t find the need to make the added investment, so I improvise. I use a chopping board and lay a paper towel on top of the board. The paper towel acts as a guide to roll the sushi, like the role of the mat. I am yet to figure out rolling sushi with clear wrapping sheets.

When ready to roll have all you ingredients close by and a small bowl of water to keep your hands moist. IMG_3690

First, lay a nori sheet on the paper towel, then take about half a cup of rice and spread it on one half of the nori, towards the side closest to you. Leave about a centimetre of space between the edge of the nori and the rice. As you spread the rice, apply pressure so that it sticks well on the nori. Then lay your filling, one at a time, an inch away from the edge of the rice. I advice adding a few pieces of each so that you do not over stuff the nori. Then, when ready to roll, wet your the edge of the nori farthest away from you, take the edge of the paper towel to lift the nori from your end, lift up the nori and use your fingers to guide and roll the sushi, tucking all the fillings inside like you are rolling a burrito. Roll the sushi till the edge and make sure the nori sheets are stuck to each other. You can mix up you filling combinations and keep it interesting.

DSC_0025 (1)

After you make all your rolls, you will need a SHARP knife to slice the rolls. Use swift motions to slice through the nori roll so that the contents do not come out. Then you are done. You have a large bowl of cheap and delicious sushi which you can certainly impress anyone with.

DSC_0028 (1)

This definitely takes time and practice but more practice makes perfect.

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