Why Raw till 4 did not work for me

This is an important post for me to actually put down in words because I can finally acknowledge to myself why one approach of vegan eating is not the best for everyone. But trying all different kinds can teach you a lot about yourself

As you may know from a previous instagram post (link here) I have gained a good amount of weight on this lifestyle and had a hard time accepting the gain especially coming from a restrictive diet. My digestion was also taking a slight turn for the worst. Something I had previously attributed to eating starches and beans, but actually was from my lack of sleep. I thought well, let me try raw till 4 to see whether it will help, even with lots of knowledge that it actually does the opposite. I was just drawn to the idea of eating all the fruit in the world and getting enough energy to do more workouts, hopefully to lose the extra pudge. I picked up running and thought this will be the best way to use up all those carbs and dived into multiple youtube videos about being raw and all the benefits and how detoxifying and hydrating it was. I was like, OMG!! this is absolutely amazing.

I got into eating fruit, lots of fruits and got my first red flag–my digestion. Ooph it went from okay to bad, very inconsistent, lots of bloating. I would drink water to help but just felt more bloated. I literally was lugging around a stomach full of water and fruit and just kept pilling in the fruit. My hunger got bigger and was downing so much fruit, vegetables and rice; it was incredible. I would justify my eating with the fact that I was running 30km a  week. Then came the boxes of banana, the banana ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner and the huge rice bowls. My digestion discomfort led me to strip more things out of my diet in hopes of easing the problem but it just kept getting worse. Stomach aches took me to the hospital on several occasion and left me sleepless in other situations. Granted I did not gain a ton of weight since plant foods are so calorically dilute, I just didn’t feel the same. At the same time, I lost my love for running and developed a passion for lifting, getting incredibly stronger each day. Eating fruit all day was no longer conducive to my new goals. I was at the point where I knew it wasn’t working but was just too stubborn to give up because of all the health benefits I was told. I know that I did not try it for a while and that consistency is key but practicality is also key. The only way i could have built muscle would have been to eat more but my stomach just could not handle more than 2000 calories worth of fruit, leaving m with less than 40g of protein each day. It doesn’t work for my current lifestyle and I am now coming to term in accepting it. I guess bye to banana ice cream each day and hello protein oats.

Even with the drawbacks, I have developed a better relationship with food. I know it is okay to eat more and not be scared and eat to my hunger levels because I need all the energy I can get to live an active lifestyle. I may not be fueled on a raw diet but at least I have gained a better understanding of my self. I admire all those who find benefits and joy from sticking to the simplest and rawest of foods but in my situation my body needs help breaking down the food. It’s all about listening to your body and adjusting this lifestyle to your needs, all within the vegan boundaries.


Much love xx

5 thoughts on “Why Raw till 4 did not work for me

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      1. [ Smiles ] Your point is valid.

        However, I would prefer to eat cooked food during the day.

        I wouldn’t mind reversing the “Raw Till 4”; whereby going raw at 4:00PM.

        To me, it makes more sense to eat lighter late in the afternoon and in the evening.


      2. Actually it may be slightly difficult on the stomach eating raw for dinner as raw digest faster and it may be backed up by the cooked foods consumed earlier during the day. But if you want to eat lighter during the day, steamed veggies and rice noodles are pretty light.


      3. [ Smiles ] I eat heavier in the day and lighter at night; which is why I why I would prefer to eat raw after four.

        The typical cooked vegan meal should digest within four to six hours.


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