On Monday August 15th, I felt a feeling that I haven’t felt in the longest time–happiness. Just a few weeks ago when i felt like my world was coming crushing down well that crushing experience and many little other stressors have cumulated to one of the most eye-opening experiences. I felt happy and almost grateful for this experience. Yes the problems have been resolved and it was stressful but taking a step back and looking at the whole situation I made a mistake ranting and feeling anger and hate towards the whole situation, because even though in the end it was just I and a friend that had to deal with this huge responsibility ourselves, we were given the opportunity to grow incredibly and learn so much, an experience that others can not say is true for them. Jumping over this hurdle has been incredibly rewarding and boy have I felt like i have added a decade more of knowledge to my life experiences.

But with growing up I am also trying to take more ownership of my mistakes as I find that me acknowledging them is very freeing and helps me to work towards not making those mistakes, not hurting people with my words and just more accepting of different opinions (except for all the vegan haters) Owning up to my mistakes is what is making me happier, accepting my faults and moving on. This is what i did a lot of this week, channeling my energy not on dwelling on the frustration and “regret” but rather taking a step back to see what i can learn from the situation, and if i have made a mistake, what I can do better next time. As my dad always reminds me, and for once I am actually listening, mistakes are not meant to be a disastrous punishment but a stepping stone. A person does not start building their path in life by plowing one straight road, it is full of curves, bumbs, and potholes, but the destination is all worth it. This experience, this regret i experienced in the end should not, and was not a regret but rather a stepping stone. I have gained so much wealth and knowledge and cannot be more grateful. i was wrong to rant and bare my raw feelings on social media but I will not delete the post because it will remind me of how much I have grown in a few weeks from a young, brash girl, to a mature woman. Just a few thought to jot down and I hope you have a blessed day.

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