Stay With Me–Ayobami Adebayo

Honestly, I cannot believe the speed at which I inhaled this book. I read the book during my December exam period and the first night I started, I did not put the book down. It was well written, full of emotion and had many unexpected events. Adebayo is an exceptional writer because I  have never truly been shocked, surprised, laughed and cried because of a book.

There were two things she did that warrants praise. First she really had the ability to have her readers feel the emotions of her characters. I felt the pain Yejide feels from her lonely past, the love she has for her husband Akin and the disappear she feels with having children. I laughed and smiled in moments of joy and shed a few tears in moments of sorrow, and its hard to get me to cry, especially with books.

The second genius thing was her effortless move from past to present. She was able to build back stories and also talk about the present without having the reader lost and confuse as to what time and decade she was talking about. I believe her ability to weave political discourse in the everyday lives of the characters is what made it even easier to realize temporal shifts.

Before I ramble on, there is a question that this book highlights that has been at the back of my mind, and that is what is the worth of a woman. Especially in West African society, women  come second to men and are meant to cook, clean, be subservient and reproduce. Women are worth more than that and in the age of feminism and women’s rights, it is important to acknowledge that women are still kept at a lower standard than men and that needs to change. What makes these patriarchal standards for women so bad is the physical and psychological stress these roles cause.  It breaks my heart to see how unequal women are to men in many parts of the world. I think that this book has really made me rethink my stance on feminism and why I should identify as a feminist.

In short, fantastic book: 12/10 will recommend

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