Easy Sushi!

Yes you read the title right! Sushi in your dorm room. I am a firm believer that your circumstance should not hinder your culinary experiences. In simple terms, you can eat well with a lower budget and less at your disposal.

The essential ingredients for making sushi consists of nori, rice, veggies, avocado and soy sauce. You will also need a knife and something to help roll your sushi. There are many ways you can get all these ingredients without breaking your bank.

If you are a visual learner, I recorded a mukbang where I talk about all the different cooking college hacks that you can use to make sushi in your dorm room and you can find the video here.

So let’s say we want to make a veggie sushi with avocado, carrots, and peppers


The ingredients


There are two ways you can get rice for the sushi. The first way you can get rice is to buy it from a Chinese restaurant as take out. Chinese restaurants are everywhere and you can generally buy a side of rice to go. I have done this multiple times when I am out of rice and have no patience to cook some more. Especially living in a dorm room, this can be super convenient. Another option is purchasing a small rice cooker. For example Walmart sells rice cookers that are as cheap as 20 dollars. My first rice cooker was 20$ and it was very compact and super easy to stash. Click here to see the rice cooker I purchased. Click here for another option on amazon. With a rice cooker, you can buy a small bag of rice from any grocery store, which are generally cheap. You do not need to buy sushi rice. I purchase my rice from Bulk Barn on Wednesday because they have a student discount.


This is an essential part of sushi and with the popularity of nori, you can find it in a lot of grocery stores. You can also order nori sheets on amazon.Check out this link to order on amazon. I bought my nori from a super market in China town.


For veggies, if possible, I get veggies from the salad bar. The salad bar can have many options to use in your sushi. There is possibly cucumber and carrots that have been pre-sliced, some spinach and other greens you could also include in the sushi, as well as other veggies like peppers. This way you can be using your meal plan to your advantage. If you do not have a versatile salad bar or cannot take food from the dining hall, you could purchase the ingredients at a grocery store. I get pre shredded carrots and a cucumber; these are generally very cheap and a bag of avocados.  You can store the veggies in your communal fridge or in your mini fridge if you have one. To cut the veggies, I purchased a small knife at ikea which comes with a cover so that you can properly store it. Plus chopping boards are also fairly cheap.

Soy sauce

You can either purchase a small bottle of soy sauce, take some from your dining hall if they do have some, or with the takeout rice you purchase at a Chinese restaurant, you can ask for packets of soy sauce. These packets generally tend to be free or a few cents.

Ready to Roll

Now that you have all the ingredients, lets assemble the sushi. You do not have to purchase a rolling mat. You can chop your ingredient using your knife, or just start rolling your sushi if you get the ingredients from your dining hall.

First, lay a nori sheet on the paper towel, then take about half a cup of rice and spread it on one half of the nori, towards the side closest to you. Leave about a centimetre of space between the edge of the nori and the rice. As you spread the rice, apply pressure so that it sticks well on the nori. Then lay your filling, one at a time, an inch away from the edge of the rice. I advice adding a few pieces of each so that you do not over stuff the nori. Then, when ready to roll, wet your the edge of the nori farthest away from you, take the edge of the paper towel to lift the nori from your end, lift up the nori and use your fingers to guide and roll the sushi, tucking all the fillings inside like you are rolling a burrito. Roll the sushi till the edge and make sure the nori sheets are stuck to each other. You can mix up you filling combinations and keep it interesting.

After you make all your rolls, you will need a SHARP knife to slice the rolls. Use swift motions to slice through the nori roll so that the contents do not come out. Then you are done. You have a large bowl of cheap and delicious sushi which you can certainly impress anyone with.

When you are done rolling, you can use your knife to cut you sushi roll into pieces and then enjoy.

Now you can enjoy sushi in the comfort of your own room, watching some Netflix and knowing that you will not have to spend a lot of money to eat overpriced avocado rolls at a Japanese restaurant. Plus since it is vegan, you will not be worrying about any possibility of food poisoning from raw fish.


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