Eat Food, Only Plants, Not Too Much

On Christmas Day after indulging in a tasty vegan feast, I sat down to watch “In Defense of Food” with my father on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Channel) This video, similar to What the Health and Forks over Knives addressed current issues of food and health. One phrase made by Michael Pollen (author of In Defense of Food) caught my attention and is honestly the best way to summarize how we eat. Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much. As a vegan, I will reword this and say Eat Food, Only Plants, Not Too Much. 

This has honestly been such an important piece of information I have been keeping with me for the past few months. Becoming vegan, I struggled a lot with my weight because I made eating something rigid, with many rules on how much I should be eating, what I should be eating and at what time I should be eating. Following all of this rules made something that should be easy quite complicated. I completely disregarded my body and rather controlled my food based on my mind. This furthered my weight gain and ballooned me to the biggest I have ever weighed. Granted I was recovering from an eating disorder, I was also well aware that I may have been eating way to much for my body. At first I was in denial of my role in my weight gain and blamed it on the vegan diet. I was disappointed in the fact that I was eating “healthy” and working out but not losing weight. I disregarded the fact that no matter what, you can never out train a bad diet. In addition, I tried to find other medical reasons for this weight gain when in fact it was all my own doing. But in these few months, I tracked my eating habits under these rigid rules and saw I was overeating. This made me realized that I was the one to blame with this weight gain. I threw away all of my eating rules and tracked focused on eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was full. It was okay to get up and go to class in the morning without forcing myself to eat breakfast because I truly was not hungry. I filled my plate with simply steamed veggies and made other foods less priority. I also ate whatever I wanted. If I wanted bread, I will eat bread (of course one whole grain bread). If I wanted something fried, I will eat it along with a serving of vegetables. Slowly the bloating went down and the weight is coming of slowly.

Eat Food, Only Plants, Not Too Much. Your body knows how much food it need to sustain itself at a certain amount of time. It knows when it no longer needs food. Our bodies have evolved this way and maintained these processes for millions of year so trying to control something your body has already being wired is honestly not worth the time. If you want to live life sustainably, eat plants and do not restrict yourself to eating a certain schedule. Yes, following a diet plan can be helpful but that comes at the cost of always thinking about making modifications when it comes to eating with family or friends.  This is my healthy living motto for 2018 and I am excited to see what this change in mindset does for me.

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