The King of Veg Chinese Take Out (King’s Cafe Restaurant)

If you guys follow me on instagram, which you should (thecanadianafrican) you will know that I am OBSESSED with this restaurant.

A bit of a back story. My first in this restaurant was 2016 after a vegan meetup, but it was not the greatest. We were a very very large group and did not come prepared to eat as a group. Lets just say that it took us almost the same amount of time to eat that it did to figure out how to pay.

However, I trust in second chances and wanted to give this place another shot. This was the beginning of my love for this restaurant. The menu is so diverse and it blows my mind how creative the food is. Guys, I have seen the light and I am never going back to the darkness.

Basic Ratings

Cost: $/$$$ (50$, including tip and taxes for two people–a large bowl of dumpling, a main dish, one plate of sushi and one large plate of fried rice plus the serving sizes are huge) Mind you, the people I go with have a huge appetite and this order is A LOT OF FOOD. It is a bargain.

Service: 4/5 Food came in good time and was hot.

Experience: 5/5 the food is super tasty and I spend most of my time in awe about how the make fake meat have the taste and texture of the authentic one.

Vegan Friendliness: 4.5/5 it’s a vegetarian restaurant with 95% of its menu vegan. It loses half a point because some menu items do contain dairy but there is still so so so much to chose from.

My favourites

The Barbecue Duck

The Vegan Barbecue duck is out of this world! I have tried the sweet and sour chicken, the kong pao chicken but this is hands down my favourite menu item. The outside is crispy like I real duck skin but juicy on the inside with so much flavour. Plus for a large plate it is less than 10$. Guys, this is a work of art

The Vegetable Fried Rice

I do not know what they do to make this fried taste like it does but it taste so much like a chicken fried rice you would get from your local  Chinese restaurant without the animal products. The fried rice does not taste oily; it is super fresh and has a lot of colour. Plus, the crispy tofu bit add such a nice texture to the meal.

The Wonton Soup

This menu item, is honestly a must. There are four different portion sizes to chose from and you get a lot for what you chose. I shared a small wonton soup with my sister and it was plenty for the both of us. Imagine a large or extra large. Plus the price was incredible. The broth was super fresh and the filling of the wonton was so flavourful. That cook must be some sort of magician because this was too good

These are just a few of my favourites but I will highly recommend trying any of their sushis. They are literally so big, they are worth the price. The dumplings are incredible and the different main entree dishes are a treat in their own right. They also have a small market in the restaurant I went to (Kensington Market) if you are interested in purchasing any of the mock meat or ingredients they use in the meals. Plus they are great for takeout; the order is ready in less than half an hour!


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