Vegan Foods You Can Bring on A Plane (US/CANADA/EUROPE)

Finding food while travelling as a vegan can be a source of anxiety for many vegans, especially when our journey involves a layover in another country and you are unaware of our options. Some planes too are terrible at accommodating vegan diets, I am looking at you British Airways. In anticipation of my trip to Ghana I have been doing my research on the things I can and cannot bring on the plane, and what I can bring along when entering another questions.

Key Things To Remember

  1. It should not be wet.
  2. It should not stink.
  3. And if it is a liquid, it should be less than 100ml.
  4. It should be clean.

Untitled design (1)These are four key rules you should follow to help tailor down our options.

Specific foods such as what fruits, vegetables and nuts you can carry with you is specific to the country. Below you will find links to key countries concerning what you can and cannot bring into the country. One sign of relief is that there are a lot more restrictions on meats and dairy both of which you will never have to worry about.

If you are a snacking type of person you have no problem. You can pack a combination of nuts, seeds, fresh fruit like apples, oranges, bananas as well as sliced vegetables like cucumber and carrot. If you are like me and want to stay as low waste as possible, I suggest investing in a few containers, preferably clear so that they are easy to inspect by airport security and make your own granola bars or trail mixes. With nuts, I highly suggest packing nuts that may not be peanuts since it is becoming more and more a common allergy and some planes may have restriction.

DSC_2463If you are like me and are not the snacking kind, I suggest packing light meals such as a quinoa salad or a sandwich. With this, I would be careful because you need to make sure that it is not wet and does not stink. So unfortunately the strong spices are a no no. Some options range from muffins, a simple veggie sandwich, a cold pasta salad, accompanied with some cut veggies and some nuts to make a complete meal. In addition, you can bring family sized portions because those can be tricky too. Small quantities of different things are key.

I will be following with a post on snacks and foods I will be bringing with me on the plane to Ghana to give you a better idea of options to bring. It is also not a bad idea to check.




European Union

Foods You can Bring on the Plane

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