5 Ways to Stay Active While Travelling

People may use the excuse of travelling as a means to take a break from except using and being active but I believe it can quite be the opposite; even if you pack your day with a ton of activities. These are a few tips I recommend to stay active while travelling.

1. Walk everywhere (when possible)

When travelling in an unfamiliar place, some may find more comfort in knowing their bearings when they are in a taxi or taking transport. But I challenge you to walk more. This way you get in your steps and really get the chance to take in the environment and get to see the culture. On my trip to Montreal I practically walked everywhere. I also looked for parks or close by hiking areas which even gave me a better workout. Also this is a free way to work out, no need to purchase any extra équipement.

2. Resistant Bands

If you are one for strength training and don’t want to lose muscle tone, I highly suggest purchasing resistant bands. These are great for at home workouts but they also incredibly portable. There are lots of at home workouts you can do with resistant bands that can work your arms, legs and core. They are super cheap on amazon and I will leave the link for the ones I purchased below.

DSC_2462Resistant Bands click here

3. Use you Body

Alternatively if you do not want to purchase resistant bands, you can still use your body. Our body presents already available weight that we can use to build more strength. Things like pushups, planks, burpees and jump squats are great exercises. I usually incorporate them with my resistant band workouts to make a complete workout but sometimes I just stick to simple body weight workouts and make a circuit workout of them.

4. Jump rope.

Jump roping is probably one of the most underrated and effective cardio options out there. It is incredibly portable and it is so effective when it comes to getting a sweat. You can create a hiit workout with a jump rope just by jumping for 30 seconds and taking a 30 second break and repeating it for as long as you want. I tend to stick with between 15-20 reps. It works your legs, your arms, your back and when you engage your core it can also have a big impact.

5. Yoga

Yoga is also a great way to stay active while travelling. A 30-40 min practice can have you sweating and bring up your heart rate. I like to bring a yoga mat with me when travelling but alternatively you could use a towel. Although YouTube is great for at home yoga practice, you can also download apps for customized yoga flow. My current favourite is Down Dog, which is free, but does have in app purchases and a subscription you can purchase.

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