Eating Healthy is Important in Self Care

These past few weeks I have found myself indulging more and more in vegan fast food, vegan junk food, fake meats and really slacking on my workout routine. Coupled with exhaustion from university and just a lack of motivation, I spent more hours in bed eating and less time moving my body and getting fresh air. Just being home, I am aware that my body has changed. My tastebuds for one crave more bread, more cookies and more sweet food. My body is a lot more lethargic and I am far less active than I used to be.

Yes, I have put on the pounds and thinking about it, I am not upset that I gained the weight. I am more upset that I have not been caring for my body as much. When I say caring for my body, I mean I have not been spending effort making myself live a healthy life. I really do not care how much I weigh, I do care that I am fuelling myself adequately with nutrient dense foods and moving my body to keep my muscles and bones strong. Lately I feel like I go to bed with more food than I need, eating incredibly late and barely getting in 1000 steps. Exercise, or movement is essential for self-care, and eating healthy is incredibly important for self care.

I believe that these two things together are what allow one to feel their absolute best. When the weather is nice we need to take advantage of the sun and take walks, read outside, indulge in salads and fruit instead of cookies and cake. I feel that when I get my nutrition down I can also improve my athleticism to increase the number of pushups I can do or how much longer I can run.  I am writing this more as a reminder to myself because it really does make a big difference.

What are our thoughts?


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