Vegan Toiletry Essentials

Since going vegan more than three years ago, I promised myself at the beginning of the year to try and fully embrace a natural journey by swapping out my conventional toiletries and skin care for more natural, and quite frankly affordable options. Honestly making this choice has been incredibly easy and also had some incredible impacts on me.


I have been struggling with terrible acne for about 5 years now. I believe it runs in my family because my mother and sister have also struggled with acne but my diet and products I have been using on my skin have exarcebated it. Unfortunately, it did get worse when I went vegan but after making some changes to my diet and using the bar minimal products, it is looking a little better. For my face, I wash it with Alba Botanica oil free scrub to exfoliate my face. If I am not exfoliating my skin, I just use the Alba Botanica deep pore wash from the same brand. I tone with the Thayer witch hazel astringent. To moisturize I use jojoba oil because I have oily skin and it matches the natural oils produced by the skin. Different oils work for different skins but this is what works for me. Using oil on my skin has actually reduced the extent to which I break out.


First of all, this post is no where sponsored by Toms. It is just the brand that is now commercially available in many drugstores across Canada, which makes it more accessible to me and many more people hoping to use more natural products. I use the Tom’s toothpastes (my personal favourite is the fennel flavour since it reminds me of the candied fennel I would get after a meal at an Indian restaurant), and I use their mouthwash. For toothbrushes, I have started using bamboo toothpastes because they are biodegradable, which is much better than the plastic ones found in stores that are not biodegradable or good for the environment.

Feminine Products

Men, you can completely skip over this part, but for ladies, lean in close because this has been the best swap I have made. I used to to use conventional tampons and pads, which are terrible for the environment and are made of very toxic products, including bleach, dyes and artificial perfumes. These, unbeknownst to me, was contributing to my painful periods. I switch to 100% natural cotton tampons and pads, which are also biodegradable, and my cramps are not even close to how bad they were. The price is comparable to regular menstrual products and they are way way better for you.

DSC_2470Cheaper swaps

Although these have become a staple,  I am moving towards an even lower waste alternative. I will be swapping all my face products for African black soap, homemade toothpaste, reusable pads and menstrual cups and I will be giving a better update of those products soon to come.

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