Curried Lentils Shepherds Pie

I remember the first time I tried Shepherd's Pie was on a British Airways  flight to Tanzania. I remember it tasting like plane food, and it did not really stand out to me. Granted you do lose a good amount of your sense of taste flying, it was definitely something I did not want to try again.... Continue Reading →

Chilli Stuffed Sweet Potato

As a student with little to no income, my budget for food is extremely tight. I generally like to spend under 40$ on groceries for the week, which includes all my meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I rarely purchase food on campus just because it is always hard to tell whether foods are completely... Continue Reading →

Lunch Under 2$- Tomato Rice

Another cheap recipe that can save you some coins and time for lunch. This tomato rice is a spin of Spanish tomato rice with a few ingredients. It is absolutely tasty and has all the essential amino acids you will need. Give this a try and let me know what you think 🙂 Each of... Continue Reading →

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls

I decided to try something a little different and uploaded a recipe video on these since it is difficult to actually show in pictures how to roll a rice paper roll. INGREDIENTS 1/2 large cucumber 2 medium carrots peeled and cut with potato peeler 2 cup of rice noodles 5 rice paper 1 small avocado... Continue Reading →

Sushi 101

If you follow me on instagram, which you should, I have been posting some plates, more like platters of sushi and have been so excited to share my technique. I am in no way a sushi master and I am still learning everyday, so sushi aficionados please do not be harsh on me. For all... Continue Reading →

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