Spicy Plantain Chops (Kelewele)

Kelewele was one of the defining foods of my childhood. I remember my uncle will bring some with him every time he came to visit our family and they were generally gone within 3 minutes. It was a popular night time snack sold across the city of Accra along with other small chops.You could also... Continue Reading →

Beans and Corn Snack Bites

Here is a savoury snack bite to go well with the Peanut Butter and Date Snack Bites. For this recipe I used leftover beans from my Tomato Rice recipes and made snack bites that could be easy to take on the go. Ingredients 1.5 cup beans 1/4 cup corn 1/2 cup rice-left over turmeric rice... Continue Reading →

Roasted Cauliflower

College students are notorious for being the ultimate snackers. I don't generally snack because I am the world's worst snacker; I tend to eat more if i am just constantly snacking so I just eat three square meals and that works much better for me. But when I do want to snack I try and... Continue Reading →

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