King of Greens: Spinach

Whenever we talk about greens we cannot help but talk about the King of all greens--Spinach. I don't think I remember a day I went without spinach. I try as much as possible to sneak it into my day somehow, either through my divine green smoothies or my delicious salads. Thank goodness for Costco because... Continue Reading →

Flax Seeds

If I am to blog about Chia seeds then its mandatory for me to blog about flax seeds. For me flax seeds and chia seeds go hand in hand. They are a very important staple in my pantry as they make it into my smoothies, my oatmeal and my baked treats. They are incredibly versatile... Continue Reading →


This fruit has literally ten million different names depending on where you are --cantaloupe, musk melon, Persian melon, rock-melon to name a few. Unfortunately, even though I wished it was year round, this staple is my absolute favourite fruit. It is definitely very interesting how preferences for foods change as you grow because I remember... Continue Reading →


If we are talking staples, this staple is the king of all staples. I have never been to a household without a stash of rice, certainly not a Ghanaian household without a large bag of long grain Jasmine rice that is a close distance to the rice cooker. There are so many different types of... Continue Reading →


I don't think I have met a vegan who does not like potatoes, or indulge in them. Honestly, I am so glad that I can eat all the potatoes I want (obviously in moderation) because it is so filling, a great source of starch and so so yummy. It is an essential ingredient in my... Continue Reading →

Chia Seeds

I definitely think this is important if I am to keep adding my favourite recipes, to have a couple of blog post on staple ingredients I always have lying around. Chia seeds are one of my favourite things to have in my pantry as I can add it to smoothies, oatmeal, make a pudding or... Continue Reading →

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