Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup for Black Women

In 2017, I promised myself that I will be 100% vegan. This meant not only was I eating a plant-based diet, but also not buying any clothes with animal products or buying make-up with animal products. The food and clothing is easy but the make-up... Well that was a whole different ball game. Let me... Continue Reading →

#RealTalk: Weight Gain on a Vegan Diet

This summer has been a huge summer for me. The amount of personal growth I have gone through this summer has been immense, one of which is finally coming to term with my weight gain. See, i never really shared my real reason for going vegan. I wrote a naive first blog post about why... Continue Reading →


About a week ago before July 5th, I was so excited for my one veganniversary. I was thinking that I would treat myself to a trip to the new vegan fast food restaurant, Doomies, or bake a large chocolate cake, eat the entire thing myself and just reminisce about my year as a vegan and... Continue Reading →

Vegan in Science

This is a post I should have done a while back but it never really dawned on me the importance of discussing this topic until I thought back to a conversation I had with my roommate concerning the current lab I am working in. Just a side note: I am in no way justifying the... Continue Reading →

19 going on 40

I have always ben an independent person, always tried to do the right thing since I was a child: follow what my parents told me to do, did my homework, try to achieve good grades and be the best person i could possibly be around myself and around people. Each year I strived to be... Continue Reading →

Why Raw till 4 did not work for me

This is an important post for me to actually put down in words because I can finally acknowledge to myself why one approach of vegan eating is not the best for everyone. But trying all different kinds can teach you a lot about yourself As you may know from a previous instagram post (link here)... Continue Reading →

#RealTalk: Failing on the Vegan Lifestyle

So remember at the beginning of the year, when I said I was going to blog more, yeah...Just like all the new years resolutioners, I failed miserably by the end of the month. The main reason I have been struggling to blog because I was embarrassed. I guess it will be completely false to say... Continue Reading →

Back to Simplicity

The first thing about going back to basics is keeping it simple. When creating food and consuming food becomes a passion, it is very easily to start complicating your meal, make terrible food combinations and feeling the consequences later. Food should be enjoyable, nourishing and appreciated. I definitely wanted to taste the ingredient I was... Continue Reading →


So I have been vegan for a little over six months now and it has been a tremendous learning experience. I felt like I say this every time but I am always in awe at the amount of things I learn about myself and the world around me. I have tried many new foods, learn... Continue Reading →

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