Spiced Rice with Cumin & Star Anise

I love rice. I definitely eat it more than three times a week and it is a staple in my pantry. Sometime white rice cooked plain serves as a great base for more flavourful stews and sauces, but sometimes plain rice can be boring. This spiced rice will elevate your rice game to a whole... Continue Reading →

Lunch Under 2$-Rice & Bean Salad

It's back to school season and as a student I know how annoying it is to spend time and money to make food for school, especially when you want it to be cheap and healthy. So I came up with three fantastic recipes that are tasty for a 2$ budget. Each recipe has few ingredients,... Continue Reading →


If we are talking staples, this staple is the king of all staples. I have never been to a household without a stash of rice, certainly not a Ghanaian household without a large bag of long grain Jasmine rice that is a close distance to the rice cooker. There are so many different types of... Continue Reading →

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